This is it???? I want a refund!

After having my heart completely shattered by Borders closing and finding out that they’re completely sold out of my favorite journals

My bestest friend in the whole wide world, Brittany, said, “Hey Dani, make a blog! I bet it will be all kinds of awesome!!”

So I said to myself:

Self: Hey, Brittany’s right. Why don’t I make a blog? I mean, teachers told me I have a natural talent with a pen and paper.

Self: You know that you don’t like others reading your stuff. Why bother? Besides, you’re hella lazy.

Self: So true. So, um… what do I do?

Self: You publish random tidbits that pop in your noggin and a daily dose of vital information for everyone’s everday life. Dur.

Self: OK! Yay me!

So I’m feeling good; I finally feel productive this summer

when I realize that I don’t know what to blog about.


Daily Dose Of Vital Information:

If your girls, man boobs, breasticles, or whatever cutesy/sick name you call the body part between your neck and belly button are moving in an unnatural manner…

Tell them to calm down.


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