Hide ya wife, hide ya kids…

Even hide your dogs, because it’s an epidemic out here! 

Grown men are doing it.


Little boys have been doing it with diapers.

Now even the girls have put a twist on it!!! 

Is anyone safe from…


Why would grown men and “grown men” consider this type of style? Don’t they know that this disgusting trend originated in jails? It gives a whole new meaning to “easy access”.

Some punk even had the audacity to say

when I asked him about it.

Hayle yeah I’m mad! 

What, this

plus this

wasn’t good enough for you?

If I can go one day, just 24 hours, of actually seeing real men that know how to pull up their pants and the proper use of a belt…

Is that so much to ask for? Seriouly? Sometimes I wish the fashion style of the 1930s would come back. A time when real men took pride in their clothing and wore suits.  


And you know it’s a sad day when this

can’t even cross the street without holding their pants up.


I saw this twice, the last time when I went to pick up my prescriptions! You should be glad that I don’t hit pedestrians, little heathen. Because I would have parked my car and used my Hermes belt

and beat you with it before I made you wear it.

Saggy Pants, Good Sense Of Style and Self Pride called. They both said:



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