Let’s get physical, physical…

You know what really grinds my gears?

Finding motivation to exercise!

Some days I feel really energized

Like I can do anything.

Other days….

My bed is feeling extra good. The comforter is the perfect temperature between cozy and stay in me…. The pillows are just the perfect amount of fluffiness and firmness that a pillow can possibly hold, 

and yet I try to drag myself out of bed.

Don’t have any energy to do P90X.

Don’t have any energy to do Insanity.

Don’t have any energy to Double Time with Billy Blanks.

Even Carmen Electra and her scrippin’ can’t motivate me when my bed is calling me.

Brittany tried to make the suggestion, before she moved away, of running for exercise.

Brittany, you’re my bestie and all, but


Seeing the effects of my mom and 20 years active duty in the Army will always, ALWAYS keep me from running.

I don’t want bad knees. I feel old as it is.

I’m no slouch. I know what I have to lose. I’m not obese but those Krispy Kreme doughnuts need to leave me alone!

I’m not trying to have a cocktail of diseases shackling me to a lifetime of bad health for the rest of my days.

No sir. No ma’am.

On both sides of my family:




high blood pressure



drug abuse

and who knows what else.

I’m not trying to be “about that life”. I value my health. So as much as I love my bed, with its flirm [fluffy/firm] pillows, soft, supple sheets that are just perfect, and perky pillowtop covering…

it’ll be exercise for me.


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