Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser… Supposedly.

So, someone is a year older today!

Not me…

Not my dog….

Not even the creepy men in this state…

It’s my bestie’s!!


And even though she’s in another state, she can live vicariously through this post for all of the fun things I had planned for today.

First we would have woken up and cheered for she’s old now!

Then we would have went and got our nails done,

hair done,

everything big. Although she beat me to the punch (didn’t you, blondie? :D).

Afterwards, we would have went to Jun Lee.

And she would have splurged her little heart out on doorknockers, brass knuckles, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Then we would have went to eat

either here

or here. Depending on what she was in the mood for.

I wish she would have been here long enough to go here…

Oh well. 

Then I would have played with her kidlets

and made it back home in time to beat the shopping traffic.

Because I’m in school, duh, and I refuse to drive down just to turn right back around and go to class.

 This would have been an all day Saturday event.

So cheers, Bestie,

I hope you enjoy your birthday cake I made for you. 😀


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