I’m just a twenty-something Southern gal who clearly has too much time on her hands. I completely embrace my inner nerd because:

  1. I love smart men and being around intelligent people. Teach me something new…
  2. It means that I’m ridiculously smart.
  3. I LOVE to read and write.
  4. I hate how pens mess up the insides of my purse. I will proudly carry a pen case.
  5. It means that my initials will come true do to me setting goals [D.R. last name initial. In case you can’t tell, I want a doctorate.]
  6. You can easily bribe me with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. 
  7.  I have an email dedicated for this blog!!! danisdailydose@gmail.com Spam me and God will kill a kitten!
  8. I have a behind-the-scenes blog for a blog I rarely update.

One response to “About

  1. Ridiculously smart! I am happy to see you are blogging about more than what’s hot or whining about how rough life is.

    From one nerd to another, great blog. (<_<)

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