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Thug Kitchen: Eat like a boss, get your $#!+ right!

You’re welcome, mo’fo’s!


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Mean Girls

Mean Girls.


Surprisingly, there’s 4 of them too.

idiotv (1)

Anyway, they’re annoying.


They think they are funny

Shaq face

and everyone wants to be them.



Um.. didn’t we all graduate high school however long ago it was?


Ugh. Sometimes I just want to just


Like a BAUCE


That ain't no damn puppy, GINA!

and even to one in particular


But I’m not a violent person.


Seriously, I’m not.

Man..... if you don't lock that damn dog up.....

Because of them, our space has unnecessary tension.

These “women”

mean girls 2

get on everyone’s nerves.


So what is a room full of normal people supposed to do? Bring in a fake cake, of course!


While I am mad that I missed the cutting


I heard from reliable sources it was epic.


One of the mean girls recorded the entire event and she was the angriest!


How can you be that angry and still want to take the product home?



And you thought it was a good prank?


Are you mad the cake looked too pretty to cut?


Maybe next time… 


We will always have plenty of gum for beggars


and other tasty treats…


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What’s Up With That?

So I finally decide to blow off the dust from this blog


Mainly because one of my sistas from another mister as well as an old classmate is having a birthday soon!


And to my surprise, I see a huge spike in page views.

Specifically,  XXX number of views for one entry, that I had to investigate


And this was the culprit.



















Do people not remember that annoying girl Rebecca Black

and that stupid song Friday?

Welp. You’re welcome XXX views. I hope it was worth the Bing search

since Google didn’t help.

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Friends… How Many Of Us Have Them…

My friends are awesome.

Sometimes they make me shed a little thug juice from the nice things they do.

To my dearest friends, you know who you are:

You guys rock.

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Yeah… I’ve Got Nothing To Explain My Absence…





















I had to get that out. I’m just kidding. Sort of. I’ve been studying for finals and getting ready to move out of the Souf. Yay me! I’ll have “something” up soon. With “soon” being a very subjective term. So, basically, it’s like this. I have a butt-load of topics. I’m just too lazy to get them going. I need to be inspired. Just bear with me, dear reader. I guarantee to be back soon. 

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No. More. Drama…

So, it’s been a while since I said something. And don’t tap your calendar saying 

“It’s been almost a whole month!”

I’m not a doctor.  (Yet. Especially not the kind to give out drugs. That’s not me.) These aren’t real prescriptions, you know.

“It doesn’t matter! You promised daily dose and I want it now!”

Welp. Not going to happen. Next.

And I’m just an absolute wreck.

First my ex, Asshat, contacts me, completely out of the blue. Where else? On that devil site, Facebook.

Just when I was finally on the road to recovery and getting rid of him once and for all, he pops back up.

Did you conveniently forget how torturous the last 3 1/2 years have been? Because I didn’t.

Then as if that wasn’t bad enough, my car gets hit because some spoiled, fresh out of high school, driving mommy and daddy’s BMW “college student” can’t reverse park to save their life. Damn kids.

My car was sitting perfectly fine in the middle of the parking spot in front of my apartment. Did I ask for it to get hit?

Did I ask to be here at this stupid school and deal with racist people?

But it’s all good.

Want to know why?

Because I’m finally leaving the South. Again!! I can’t wait to leave this stupid school that hasn’t had a decent football season since 2009 and almost lost our homecoming game this year against my FORMER school [I only support my old school in basketball. Nothing else.]

Maybe by leaving this school, I’ll be motivated to continue and update “daily.”

Shout out to my bestie’s baby boy, Brutus, [name changed to protect the cute and innocent] on his 9 month birthday!!

Daily Dose of Vital Information

If you can’t tell by the title of this blog, “DanisDailyDose” that I’m a female


You need to retake anatomy. 

This daily dose was spurred by a pending comment left for me when I logged in. Last time I checked, I am female.

Not your “male cousin”. Frankly, I don’t care if you think “he may have wrote this post.” About exercise. And stripping. Because I sincerely hope you were joking. If not…

Come on, look at the name! Do you want my government name? It’s Danielle. What male do you know that goes by Dani?!!? None. At. All.

The education system in the United States is constantly failing our youth.

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Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser… Supposedly.

So, someone is a year older today!

Not me…

Not my dog….

Not even the creepy men in this state…

It’s my bestie’s!!


And even though she’s in another state, she can live vicariously through this post for all of the fun things I had planned for today.

First we would have woken up and cheered for she’s old now!

Then we would have went and got our nails done,

hair done,

everything big. Although she beat me to the punch (didn’t you, blondie? :D).

Afterwards, we would have went to Jun Lee.

And she would have splurged her little heart out on doorknockers, brass knuckles, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Then we would have went to eat

either here

or here. Depending on what she was in the mood for.

I wish she would have been here long enough to go here…

Oh well. 

Then I would have played with her kidlets

and made it back home in time to beat the shopping traffic.

Because I’m in school, duh, and I refuse to drive down just to turn right back around and go to class.

 This would have been an all day Saturday event.

So cheers, Bestie,

I hope you enjoy your birthday cake I made for you. 😀

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