Summertime… Just Sit Back & Unwind…

The best month ever is here!



4th of July

yours truly’s birthday  is this month


as well as others is this month…



Water fights…

It’s going to be an amazing month.

Of course this heat also brings out the crazies too.


I was minding my business waiting on the metro to show up. 

This guy comes off the train and starts up a conversation. Me, being Southern, started to ignore him 


 but he just kept talking…


So the only thing I catch while wearing my headphones is “You must do a lot of walking…” and “I’m studying to be a podiatrist”. Well… good for you?

 So he then proceeds to try and take my shoes off 

claiming that I needed a massage because I’m always on my feet.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anyone

touching my feet!

Especially a stranger!!



As he tries and fails repeatedly to take off my shoes, 

he has the nerve to ask if I’m married. 


If this is my welcome to St. Louis, then I definitely don’t want to see the farewell.


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